Send beautiful WordPress Ninja Forms notifications to your customers

OUTDATED: Although the overall content is still up to date the screenshots are from a previous version of WP HTML Mail

Ninja Forms Plugin

As you may have recognized, we are fans of Ninja Forms. It’s the easiest and most flexible form builder we’ve come accross during our last years of WordPress development.

Emails sent by Ninja Forms

In one of the latest versions Ninja Forms has released a new notofication system. This gives us the power to create mutliple mail notifications.

In most cases we send a notification to the site admin and another one to the requester. As it’s part of our user communication I think it’s important to customize the emails to fit our corporate identity.

WP HTML mail

Instead of sending white unformatted mails you can use the free WP HTML mail plugin.

You can create a beautiful responsize mail template within a few minutes without any coding.

Create your email Template

After installation go to Settings -> Email template

email template screen

Color Picker

You can select any colors with a simple color pickercolor picker


All fonts can be customized

customize email fonts


Add your logo or a header image from WordPress Media Library


Customize the email footer with wysiwyg editor


You can send a test mail to see the result in your email client.

You should also make sure Ninja Forms is enabled on the plugin page, because the plugin can be disabled for messages per sender plugin.


That’s it, enjoy the beautiful results!