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WooCommerce DRAG & DROP Email Customizer

The most simple and efficient mailbuilder for WooCommerce and all your WordPress emails. Single column and multi column text, products table, product recommendations and more content elements can be added and positioned via drag & drop.


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WooCommerce Email Customizer

You don’t like the WooCommerce default email design and of course not the default email content but don’t want to spend days customizing PHP templates?
We’ve got the perfect solution for you!

  • Change colors, fonts and alignment
  • Custom image or text header
  • Create your own content with Drag&Drop Mailbuilder
  • Edit products table
  • Add attachments
  • Choose email subject and sender

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Unlimited possibilities


Very helpful!

Awesome plugin with a nice and clean interface. Extremely helpful especially in combination with the Woocommerce Add on. Support is great.

@woo-do on wordpress.org

Very Happy with the plugin

I am using the WP html mail plugin with the woocommerce plugin, The gmail app wasn’t responsive but the developer fixt the issue withing a few days! So i recommend this plugin to all users!!!

Jasper from Holland

@jasperderuiter on wordpress.org

Great and well documented

Works prefectly with Postman and it’s really easy to use.

@nello96 on wordpress.org

Design your own WooCommerce email notifications

The free WP HTML Mail plugin allows you to define a general template for all your outgoing WordPress emails. The WooCommerce add-on gives you even more power:

  • Write you own text
  • Change the products table
  • Add resize or remove product images
  • Add product recommendations to your emails
  • Attach your legal documents or any other file

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Design your basic WordPress email template in 2 minutes


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… and afterwards customize even more with WP HTML Mail for WooCommerce

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Custom text with placeholders for dynamic content

Nearly all of the content can be changed, moved and customized to your needs without a single line of code.

For customer- and order details just add a placeholder:

Order details

  • Order number
  • Order date
  • Notes
  • Payment details
  • Order total

Customer details

  • Name
  • Billing address / Shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Email

Live Email Preview

Choose one of your existing orders to see a live preview of your email right in your browser.

  • Admin new order
  • Admin canceled order
  • Order confirmation
  • Completed order
  • Invoice
  • Customer comment
  • Password reset
  • New account

For some WooCommerce add-ons we created special integrations so you can customize design an content completely:

  • WooCommerce German Market
  • WooCommerce Germanized 
  • Quotes for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce order status manager

Other emails from WooCommerce extensions can still be styled, you just can’t change the content.

Optimized emails for desktop, mobile and even webmail clients

Alle emails are responsive and tested to work on any popular device and mail client on desktop computers tablets and smart phones.