Export Thousands of WordPress NinjaForms Submissions

I had some troubles exporting form submissions in the past because of special character, German “Umlaute” and textareas fields with multiple lines of content.

All of this situations leaded to destroyed CSV files that couldn’t be opened in Excel because of shifted rows or columns.

NinjaForms Excel Export

I solved this problem by coding a new NinjaForms extension called Ninja Forms Excel Export.

I felt save now to deal with any kind of form submissions until I wanted to export data from a lottery form.

23 000 people submitted this form. I tried to export the submissions but I had no success.

Batch processing of form submissions

So I remembered Pippin Williamsons post about batch processing and extended the plugin to handle huge amounts of data by splitting into small chunks of 100 lines each.

The new batch processing feature is released in version 1.1 and available now on the NinjaForms marketplace.